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Does your mood improve in the spring and summer?

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Spring is the time of year when the world around us seems to come to life. Trees and plants that have seemed lifeless for months start to wake and stretch and move towards their full potential. Plants and animals have a natural cycle of growth and energy preservation in our climate. Like much of nature our bodies and minds can seek rest and comfort, focusing inwards during those cold months.

Have you ever felt like you start to wake up this time of the year? That you slowly start to come out of the dark and show your life? While it’s important to listen to the needs of our mind and body, it’s also important to question to what extent this “hibernation” is healthy. Are we using this time to rest and regenerate while continuing to look after our minds and bodies? Or has depression snuck in and lead us to neglect our physical and emotional needs and isolate ourselves?

In my time working with people what I notice is that in June and July people start to re-engage in life and seek growth. June and July are the months where they feel able to rekindle relationships and make plans for the future. Often times people don’t know where to begin, feeling overwhelmed by homes and gardens and to-do lists. Some people are trying to figure out how to repair relationships they have neglected over the winter.

Does the thought of winter lead to worries you will fall back into the pit you dig yourself out of every spring? Do you spend months feeling frustrated with yourself because you know the things that make you feel better but just aren’t able to motivate yourself to do those things?

Most people feel that life is easier in the spring and summer. Not having to wear so many layers or drive on ice or scrape windows adds a level of ease to our days. However, if you’re recognizing that you’re starting to feel better and that the past few months were a dark place for you it might be time to reach out to your trusted healthcare practitioner to create a plan for the future. Preventing that downturn in your mood is easiest done now, as opposed to when you’re in the middle of it.

Hoping you can take a few moments to breathe and enjoy this beautiful day!


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